What is an AgeConnect Champion

Do you know someone, a business or a group who go out of their way to help the older people in our community feel more connected, respected and as though they belong?

Please tell us who they are, what they do that makes them deserving of an award and (if you can) their contact details.

These awards are to recognise and celebrate those wonderful people, businesses and organisations who help to keep our older community members feeling connected with each other and with the rest of us. Each of them does something to help stop feelings of loneliness and isolation in our older people. Acts that help older people feel safe, respected and as though they belong. These awards often reveal acts of generosity and kindness that go on under the radar, that sometimes the wider public don’t know about.

The award categories are:

  • The AgeConnect-friendly environment Champion – They provide a comfortable and supportive environment for the physical needs of an older person. Examples of this may include easy access to premises, large print on ticketing/signage, a chair available to sit on, mobility parks nearby or public access to age-friendly bathrooms.
  • Outstanding Elder-friendly Customer Service Champion–  They provide great customer service to older people. Examples of this may include staff who give their full attention to their customer, greet older people warmly, speak clearly and slowly, are helpful and are patient.
  • Creating Connections Champion – They provide older people with great connections and links to the community. Examples of this might be giving extra help to use digital technology, offering age-related brochures or newsletters to clients/customers OR supporting a programme for older people in some way.
  • Above and beyond Champion – They go over and above the call of duty to benefit an older person or people in our community. Older people may not be these people’s core business or indeed anything to do with their business/organisation but they do there bit anyway. OR it may be they go the extra, EXTRA mile that makes them stand outs in what they do for older people.
  • One person makes a difference Champion – These people are passionate about helping older people and sometimes (but not always) have one particular thing that they give their time and energy freely for older people that makes a real difference to how they feel.
  • Intergenerational Champion – They have helped keep older people connected in some way with other age groups eg. With children, teenagers, young parents.
  • The 60+ Employer of the Year – These businesses embrace the silver haired skillset and happily employ mature staff.
  • Magic FM People’s Choice Champion – by nominating someone you are helping us to choose the Magic FM’s Peoples Choice Champion.
  • Supreme AgeConnect Champion – this award is for an overall standout champion over the last 12 months.

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