Menzshed overall winner

Congratulations to the Menzshed Waimea who were crowned the Supreme AgeConnect Champion winner for 2019.

Menzshed have 140 members – approx 20 of who are there 3-4 days per week. They have sheds that are Aladdin’s caves for those with an interest in carpentry, engineering and design. Men’s Shed Waimea provide a large number of older men a real a sense of purpose –with Men’s mental health in the spotlight, this older demographic is particularly at risk – so to have an anchor in the Menzshed is very important.

Do you know that Menzshed make and install ramps, handrails, grab rails in homes for people on our hospices’s books, so they can be more comfortable and safe at home longer.  They also made lots of children’s toys for our local kindergartens and recently included the residents of Flaxmore Village in the project, taking the toys to them to be painted.

Menzshed also do a lot of intergenerational work. Each week 25 – 30 IHC participants between the ages of 20-40yrs come to the shed and guided by the skilled older volunteers they make pest traps which are used by DOC, friends of flora, TDC, Waimea estuary and more! Menzshed also work with at risk youth who have been in trouble with the law and come through the youth court. Menzhed volunteers use the young men’s community service time to guide them, teaching them useful trades such as carpentry and engineering and instilling work ethic with wonderful results. With pride the Menzhed explain that some of these young men were leaving their time at Menzhed with employment or looking forward to apprenticeships and a changed life…and some new…old…friends. Great stuff.

Menzshed Waimea ticked every award category box on our AgeConnect Champion sheet. It’s fair to say they filled the boxes, then got the boys together to build us some new boxes so they could fill them up too. Menzshed Waimea are our Supreme AgeConnect Champions for 2019.

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