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AgeConnect is looking for people who are willing to volunteer their time to help with programmes designed to help older people feel less lonely or isolated.

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Current volunteer roles on offer:

Van drivers & Hosts

Using trained volunteers we are currently running community transport options for older people who miss having company and for some who can no longer drive. These outings may be to attend a regular Age Concern Tea & Talk or to go on an outing or to an activity (See our Events & Activities calendar for available van trips). All drivers and hosts will spend time training with the Age Concern team in skills that empower them to work with older people safely.

We thank Bowater Motor Group, Fitzgerald Construction and Red Cross for allowing us to partner with them to utilise their community vans for our programme.

Get involved as a volunteer driver or host by contacting us in an email 


Tea & Tech

What is it it? By matching older people who are hungry to learn with 14-24 year old volunteers, a Tea & Tech session offers one-one-one mentoring session to help older people improve their skills with their smartphones, tablets and laptops.  Tackling hurdles such as uploading photos to an email, downloading apps, operating Google maps, Face- timing their family or figuring out how to download the bowls club newsletter, a Tea & Tech session is hugely rewarding for the helpers and the helpees. Each session has no more than 10 volunteers and 10 older people and goes for one and a half hours. Tea & Tech is also supported by ANZ who volunteer a team member to answer questions around understanding how internet banking works, payWave, organising to have groceries delivered, and how to avoid being scammed out of your money.  Tea & Tech is facilitated by a trained AgeConnect volunteer. As the name suggests, each Tea & Tech involves a cuppa and a chat.

We are looking for Tea & Tech volunteers and facilitators. You don’t need to be a computer guru. You just need to be patient and enjoy helping an older person have an “AHA!” moment.

Get involved by joining the Tea & Tech Nelson Tasman Facebook page  (*click link here)  or by contacting us in an email



AgeConnect petconnect

What is it? PetConnect Nelson Tasman welcomes you to be a part of connecting older people with the unconditional love of animals. Imagine being told you could no longer have your animals. Imagine how much you would miss their touch, their company, their smell, the sounds they make. Many older people are forced to give up their animals when they move into smaller accommodations and some have to make the hard choice not to replace the ones they have because they do not want to outlive them. But they miss them. We run PetConnect events (or visits) in rest homes, community centres and other care facilities to give people the chance to connect over their love of animals.

We are looking for PetConnect volunteers and facilitators.  Volunteers will have a placid animal who is good around people and other animals who they would be happy to bring to a PetConnect event. Facilitators are animal lovers who are trained to host our events as a point of contact for the animal owners and the venue, to check that water bowls are at the ready and all animals and owners are kept safe during events (this may range from holding a dogs lead while the owner nicks to the loo to guarding a horse’s rear end to make sure none gets to close).

Get involved by contacting us via the PetConnect Nelson Tasman Facebook page or by contacting us in an email 



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