AgeConnect Champions

AgeConnect Champions

What is it about?

We like to publicly acknowledge and support those businesses, people and organisations that are doing positive things in the lives of older people in our region to help them feel less lonely or less isolated.  We hold an annual awards ceremony to recognise these Champions.


 What does this have to do with me?

In a community that is growing in age, your understanding of the challenges our aging population face and how it needs your help is critical.

By offering to be an AgeConnect Champion you will be committing to supporting the older members of your community in some way.

The advantages may include good will, joy, better workplace culture, customer or member loyalty, and insight into why older people do or don’t frequent your business or organisation now.

AgeConnect recognises that it is vital that we publicly recognise those businesses, individuals and organisations that are a) getting it right in some way and b) going the extra mile, so we can inspire other members of the community to do the same.


What makes an AgeConnect Champion? Here are some examples.

•   You provide a comfortable & supportive environment for the physical needs of an older person.

Examples of this may include easy access to premises, large print on ticketing/signage, a chair available to sit on, mobility parks nearby or public access to bathrooms.

•   You provide great customer service to older people.   Examples of this may include staff who give their full attention to their customer, greet older people warmly, speak clearly and slowly, and are patient.

•   You provide older people with great connections and links to the community. Examples of this might be employing an older person, offering age relevant  brochures or newsletters to customers or supporting a local programme for older people in some way.

•     You go over and above the call of duty to benefit an older person or people in your community.

The possibilities are wide and varied and anything you do is bound to benefit your workplace culture and your businesses community profile. The question is….what would or could your business do for the older people in your community?

 Note. A business or organization may deserve recognition for one award category or several categories. Either way, we would like to hear about them


Going the extra mile check list:

• Do you provide training for staff/volunteers on working with customers with dementia?

• Do you provide training to your staff/volunteers on how to recognise elder abuse?

• Do you help to fund/support a local programme or event for older people in some way?

• Do you offer a Gold Card discount?

• Do you or could you provide staff or a speaker for an Age Connect programme or event.

• Do you help older customers carry items to their vehicle/transport?

• Do you provide parking or access for mobility scooters?

• Do you employ people over the age of 60?

• Do you run a programme specifically for older people?

• Do you support employees who are caring for and elderly person or friend?

 Click here to see a list of our 2018 champions.

Do you or does someone you know do any of the above? Would you like to be recognized as an AgeConnect Champion? 

Click here to see our 2018 award winning champions

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